Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New drawings coming soon

I took the reference photo for my next drawing. I didn't expect to get it so soon, but I have it. I also found a reference photo for lilacs. I'm going to start working on that drawing tomorrow. It's going to be a small 7" x 5" colored pencil drawing. Also in taking photos for my next big drawing I came up with a reference photo that I like but just won't work for my concept and I might try to do a smaller drawing of it before I start working on the larger one. It might help me to do a successful self portrait with glasses before starting on this big one. Anyway I'd really like to get the flower drawing done before Easter. I'd like to make it a gift to my grandmother. If not I can always save it for Mother's day. I still have to decide which drawings I'm entering in which competitions. I know I want to enter "Polynesian Slumber" and "Beautiful Dreamer" though I'm not sure if I want to enter both into both competitions or just submit one to each. Or maybe if I should submit "Angelic" into the new competition. I might just do both into both, if I can afford it. I have until the end of this month to figure it out. I plan to start painting after I finish this next big drawing. I may get some canvases to start out with, since I won't have to order them online. I can just get them at the store. I do want to try hard board though. It may just have to wait. I'll also have to get an easel and I'll be set. I need to focus on this big drawing first though, and of course this little flower one. Timing and how I feel will dictate whether I do that smaller self-portrait first or not.

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