Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Almost finished

I would have finished tonight but I started to get a bit tired. I think you can already tell in that new part of the board. I got a bit lazy in the leg of the pig (I'm guessing it's a pig), and the grass next to it. I think it's all salvageable as long as I come back to it tomorrow. If I finish this tomorrow I could working on my painting by the end of the week. It would be really nice to finish the painting before New Year. I'm already beating my deadline on this drawing. Really at most I'll be fiddling with this for two more days rather than one. Either way though I only have to finish the bottom half of the painting, really. I do suppose if I get frustrated with it and stick a paint brush through it that will just mean I get to move on to something quicker... hmm maybe if I do that I can call it finished, deem it a sculpture and call it "Artist's Frustration." Really though I do think I'll finish it, seriously then just take a good break from painting.

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