Saturday, December 19, 2009


I no longer feel that the face is too wide, though right now I'm not too happy with the texture that I have in all the space where I have new work done. I think I just need to spend more time layering white over black because I absolutely hate those blending stumps. So many people swear by them, but I just swear at them. It doesn't work for me. Though right now my usual method is not working. Also right now that chair is looking too dark though I do think the bottom of the face needs more shadow. I think I succeed in making the face not so wide and I tried to take a little off the chin. I think it still needs some work. I'm pretty happy with the hair and I like the contrast with the wall, though I do think it could use a little more white. Maybe I could also emphasize the wood grain more. I mapped out the borders, and it looks like it will be another 8" x 10." I don't think that's so bad. My next drawing is definitely going to be a bit larger though. I have mixed feeling about this paper though. On one hand it doesn't seem to wear out as fast as my sketch book paper, but the texture is causing me a little bit of problems in the face. I figure I'll be able to fix it with a few more layers but it is a pain.

**Looking at it now maybe the angle on the chin is too severe and that's why it looks off.

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