Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Update

I got a little more work done tonight and also decided how to crop it. I haven't actually drawn out the lines this is just my test from photo shop. It's also helped me compare a little more. The angle on the eye is off, the face is too long overall, that curl needs to come in a bit more because right now the face is too wide, and the hair in front needs to puff out a little more. I think the nose could use some more work. I think if I could pull it off it needs to come back into the face a little more and I need to fix the shading on the cheek some of that highlight is a little too right. I think that's why the nose looks off to me, because it's too far out. If I pull it in more then the angle won't be so severe. And that eye, the top of it is just off. That top lid. It's being such a pain. I'm rather liking the hair though.

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