Sunday, March 28, 2010

Feeling good

I've sprayed my last drawing with fixative and stored it away. I've also just finished cutting off a new sheet of paper from the roll. I'll need to trim it a little. It never looks straight when it's first cut off the roll no matter how many times I measure. I'll probably start on the preliminary sketch tomorrow, I took the reference photo for the new drawing. I need the paper to spend some time with some weight on it so it won't curl so bad while I'm working. I haven't been using tape to hold the paper down, just the clips to hold it to the board.
I also put a book on Dada on hold at the library. I'm going to be reading through more books on art history again but this time I'll take notes and write articles for here on what I've read. It will be me a purpose to read for. It will also give me an outlet and focused way of talking about the new things that I learn, and maybe even how to implement it into my work.

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