Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finished drawing, and new projects

I've updated my site with this new drawing. I also made a few minor pages to the front page. I have already gotten some excellent feedback on this drawing. One artist that has served as an inspiration to me, suggested I do a series a with this. I've already been thinking about a new drawing and now have two reference photos I'm thinking of working with. I feel that they have been inspired by this but I do wonder if they will be strong enough in relation to be a series. I think either way it would be best to do them in colored pencil. My husband is also encouraging me saying that they will relate enough to be a series and that I should do them in colored pencil.
When I was thinking about this next piece I was earlier debating on my choice of media, and I almost immediately moved away from pencil. Though there is nothing wrong with it and it's where I started out, I just don't like it as much as charcoal and colored pencil anymore. Right now I'm also really enjoying the challenge of colored pencil and vibrant color. I've been seeking to challenge myself with my new work, working larger, seeking things that really challenge me in a composition.
Anyway tomorrow I should be spraying my last piece with fixative so I can clear the board for new work. I think I'll make my deadline March 31, and we'll see if I can stick with that. I'm really trying to focus on building my portfolio this year and I feel my monthly deadline will really help that. Though my goal is for 11 drawings by the end of the year it would be nice to exceed that.

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