Monday, May 4, 2009

"Angel on my Shoulder"

I finally finished it. I decided to just leave the background black. I think anything else added in would just be too much. I like the simplicity, and the negative space. I can see plenty of improvements that could be made, but I just need to stop working on it. I'm going to start a painting soon, I'll have updates about that soon. I'll update my site with this drawing tomorrow it's getting late right now and I need some sleep.

There is a story behind the concept of this piece and I had wanted to wait until I had finished it to tell it. My grandmother was very important to me, she was like a mom for me. Years ago she was about to go in for lung reduction surgery and she was a bit worried about complications that might arise during the surgery. Honestly, so was I. I remember, quite vividly being in her kitchen talking to her about it. She was trying to prepare me for the worst. She told me that if anything happened to her, she would still look out for me. She would be an angel on my shoulder. That memory is so vivid I can still feel her hand taping on my shoulder. She made it through that lung reduction surgery, and got a little better for awhile. I lost her my senior year in high school. I've had some pretty big moments since then that I've really wanted to have her there for, moments that I had talked with her about. Through those moments I've remembered what she told me about her being the angel on my shoulder, and I've felt that she's been there for it all. Since my wedding I have been trying to think of way to visually express that moment and how I've been feeling about it. Thinking about her being there for me has really helped me out. I wanted to capture the happiness that thought brings me, in this piece. That sudden feeling of her hand on my shoulder that makes me feel not so alone.
She gave me so much, and she was always there for and will always continue to be. Just now she's there for me as that angel on my shoulder.

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