Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Drawing

I haven't thought of a title yet. This will be a Father's Day/Birthday Gift for my grandfather. It's a portrait of my daughter, "Baby Girl" as he likes to call her. Soon after this drawing I will be working on a drawing or painting of him. I haven't decided yet. I do have plans for a portrait of him and my grandmother together for an anniversary gift. That may be a painting though. I have a few portraits I want to do lined up for next few pieces.
I only have an eye done but I really like the progress I've made. I choose to use pencil in this one because I wanted to focus on the small details, and I feel I can do that better with pencil. The reference photo I'm using has a soft contrast which I think compliments her face well. I also find the angle of the face interesting, so I'm looking forward to working on this more. This is going to be one of my smaller drawings, but high in detail. I haven't decided completely on the background yet. I may include the actually background from the photo, do a flat value or bring in a second reference.

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