Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Looking into memberships of different sites

I've been looking into some online venues to sell/showcase my work. I'm starting to look at some that come with membership fees, also a few that don't. I'm going to take my time to research the sites that require membership fees, then in a few months maybe I'll try joining one. I think I could use the time anyway to build up my portfolio of work to sell. A good bit of my work is not available for sale, though I do have prints available for everything. The one site I'm looking at is the site for the Maryland Federation of Art, and they have some members only exhibitions. So I'd like to get some work in my portfolio that is available to hang and sell.
The rest of the sites I'm looking at are online, with a wide range of fees. I already have a free portfolio on AbsoluteArts, the Premier portfolio has a jury fee and annual fee but gives you the chance to be on the front page. I'm the most uncertain about upgrading on there because I don't really like the interface of it. I just found out about EBSQ and it seems really interesting to me, it does offer to pay monthly rather than annually which would be a bonus since I'll be just wanting to try it out. I definitely need to do more research into that site though because I don't know a lot about it. I also just learned of BoundlessGallery, they also seem like a really good option and they offer a free-trial. It's also worth looking into.
RedBubble seems to be free to sell through, but at first glance it looks like a Zazzle or CafePress with original art. I don't like the idea of selling though Zazzle or RedBubble with prints because I'd like to sign my prints by hand. I think it gives my prints a little something extra. So I need to be able to handle the prints between the printer and client.

If anyone has heard of these sites I'd love to get some input.

I'm going to update later after I beef up my porfolio and try out some of these sites. I'll give my reviews of them. Later I may come back and write up some reviews for the free sites I'm a member of. I have quite a few profiles out there and I should probably trim that down.


Samantha G said...

A friend of mine recently told me about Squidoo. Have you tried it? You create different pages, called Lenses, about anything you want. You could write one about photography, one about the different websites for showing your work, and of course, one all about you! I created one for myself yesterday and it was really easy. There are so many different options- here is mine if you want to see an example of how it can be used :)

It is free, and you can link to all of your other sites with it when you choose which ones to join!

Jessica McKelvin said...

I've never heard of that site before. I'll look into that later today.

Thanks : )