Monday, May 4, 2009

First painting

I haven't painted since high school, the surface I'm working on is sub-par at best, the reference photo I chose is a bit challenging, and my style naturally goes against everything I was taught in high school. Though I think it is a good start. I'm concerned that it may all fall apart when I move into the second face. Which is ok, since like I said the surface is sub-par. I really wasn't hoping for a finished piece out of this anyway. It was supposed to be just a practice run. If I fail with this painting I will attempt this same subject again either in another painting or a different media. I decided to take a break from this to let what I have done dry. I like this new paint, Holbien Aqua Duo. I like that I can use water with it, and I can dillute it with water just like I would regular oil paint with turpentine. I actually like the consistency I get from this better though. I'm looking forward to working on a larger painting soon. I just need to get the canvas. If this painting doesn't dry fast enough I may start working on a new drawing in between.

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