Monday, April 26, 2010

Bit more progress

I got quite a bit of work done between yesterday and today. I'm really happy with the fish, now if only I could be that happy with the eye. I think it's the eye lashes that are bothering me the most. I'll fix those when I start filling in the rest of the skin. Ideally I'd like to finish this by Friday but we'll see how that goes. I think it wouldn't be so bad to at least be finished by May 8.


Highton-Ridley said...

It's looking good, Jessica. The fun bit of me wants to relate it to the Babel Fish, but for the eye. I wonder what that would let you see?

Katie said...

I love the way this is progressing. What inspired you to do this piece?

Jessica McKelvin said...

Thanks. I think maybe the fish might let you see other dimensions.

Thank you, this piece was supposed to be another in my jewelry series. Though I'm using series in loose terms because I haven't fully decided to stick with it. I've been trying to incorporate a piece of my jewelry and part of my face in the last few pieces.