Saturday, April 17, 2010

New piece

It turns out that this fish charm is rather difficult just to draw. I'm working partially from life with this. I've been needing a better look at the fish. I've drawn and erased the whole thing about 3 times. I'm starting with the fish because it's so complicated, then moving on to the eye. I'm just trying to get the angle of everything correct right now. Also just getting the base rendering of the fish in. My knee really hurts right now, despite the two Tylenol I took. It became a bit too distracting or I would have worked more. Having it propped up is helping a bit but I can't really draw from this position.

I've noticed something lately. It seems like everyone is making a fan page on Facebook. I tried before, I couldn't understand how to set it up. I think I have a better understanding of Facebook now, but I'm wondering if I should try to set up a fan page.


Katie said...

I set up a fan page but then I think people would get confused and friend me instead. A lot of artists have opted for a friend page and then moved to a fan page once they hit the limit in friends... I think that's 5000 so I've got a while to go!!

Jessica McKelvin said...

I'm only thinking about jumping right to the fan page because I do have a lot of privacy restrictions on my personal account. Though now I'm not sure how much I like this "Like" system now. I have seen a lot of fan pages popping up lately too.

Katie said...

Hmmm... well keep us posted!