Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zazzle vs Imagekind

I'm thinking of just having some prints available through an online service. I like the idea of having control over my prints and limiting how many can be made, but I feel that both Zazzle and Imagekind offer a ease of use, and a bit of security for the transaction. First though I have to decided which to to use.

With Zazzle I like the amount of control in creating a product and I have used them before so there is the familiarity. I also know that they produce a great quality in business cards. Though I was hoping to be able to pick standard sizes and have more than one size available at once. I wouldn't unnecessarily crop the artwork but I could create the white border on the prints to accommodate. I did make some changes to an old Zazzle account of mine (new username and all), and I did explore a few options in prints.

I did just create an Imagekind account too. So far I'm just confused. I'm not really sure how you set up a store to sell products. I started creating something and I do like the options but I don't know how the store is set up. So far it looks like I'm going to go with Zazzle unless I can figure out Imagekind and it's absolutely dazzles me.

Yes right now I do have a prints available link, but I've been looking at the two options of Kinkos and an online service to be able to fulfill any orders that way. I think Zazzle though taking me out of the equation in the middle might make ship time a little faster. Also it should keep costs of prints down since I don't have to charge for shipping.

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