Friday, January 9, 2009

Art Updates

I don't have any updates to give on my drawing. I think I've filled in a bit of skin and hair since my last post but that's nothing major. I did place an order for paint yesterday, so if nothing else that does put some more pressure on me to finish this drawing soon. I'll try to work on it some tonight (I've been getting sick again, and going to bed early). I still have some time though after the paint comes I still need a few supplies that I couldn't order or just wanted to pick up in person at AC Moore. I also need a 2B pencil, but I think mine might be able to last me until Monday so I don't won't have that to hold me back from working.
I've been trying to think of more concepts for drawings and paintings. I feel like I'm not quite where I need to be conceptually, mostly I've been doing portraits. I think my straight forward portraits are good but my more conceptual work needs some more punch. I was trying to think of some concepts to work with last night, one idea I liked I'll have to wait until Spring to get a reference photo. I'm going to do one or two straight forward portraits in paint before I try to do anything too complicated. I haven't painted since high school and I'm using water mixable oils so it's a new medium as well. I just remembered a concept from high school I'd like to revisit. I think it might be well suited for paint and photography, so we'll have to see where that goes. I've been trying to keep a list of my ideas and concepts so I don't forget them.
I still haven't completely decided on the two back up pieces for the show. I was thinking I might bring a third drawing, "Primal Scream," but I'm not sure mostly because of the cost of framing it. I do have two photography pieces that I'm proud of but I'm still not 100% comfortable with my photography. I'm relatively new to the photography, but still I could probably just buy ready made frames for them and even if not it probably wouldn't be as expensive because I'd use smaller prints I think. Still not sure though, I'll see how things go when I price the frames on Monday.
I'm planning to enter the 26th Annual Art Competition this year. I entered the one last year, I really didn't expect anything from it. I did say that I was going to start entering every year. I have a few drawings that I may enter but I think I'll be entering a painting if I can get something good done by May 1. I've noticed very view drawings even place, it's mostly paintings.
I'm going to wait awhile after I start painting to post a new section on my website for them. I have a few older paintings, but like I said I haven't painted since high school and most of the good ones are from 2003. So I think they're a bit too old to be occupying most of the space. Though I have to admit a few of the drawings I have up are from high school too. I intend to keep doing drawings though intermittently. I want to fill up my drawing gallery and get comfortable with taking a few of the older ones down.

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