Saturday, January 31, 2009

Polynesian Slumber progress

I know I'm updating on this drawing, maybe too much, but I'm really excited about it. I laid in the red of the dress because when I was trying to lay in the shadows I lost the lines I drew for the flower pattern. So rather than redraw/try to find them later, I laid in the red. I do think anything bad has come of it, I think it looks good so far. I need to lay in the first layer for my skin, and the wicker part of the chair, I started the cushion. I think the detail in this is turning out well, and since I'm not taking short cuts on any of the chair I'm going to have to include all that details in the next piece. This drawing is now cropped down to 11" x 7.5" which I think will work out fine in the end. The next one should be closer to the 10" x 13" though both will be in the same size frame, this one will have a larger mat. There are a few inconsistencies that I'm hoping to fix int he next few layers. I'm going to finish laying in the rest of the brown bottom layer and then work on the next few layers of skin tone.

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