Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inspiration and a brief drawing update

I've had a good bit of inspiration for work lately. I also made plans to revisit some ideas I had in high school that I never fully explored. Like the face painting I did as a reference for a pastel drawing, now I'll use real face paint and not lipstick. I had some red and greenish stains on my face for thanksgiving that year. I used black and red lipstick but the black stained a little green. Anyway I'm gonna pick up some face paint and work with that a bit more. I already have a few ideas, and I'd really like to explore using text, and symbols in my work more. I like using text but my one college teacher gave me a hard time over it (but she gave me a hard time over everything). As of right now I think the mixed media pieces won't happen again, but you never know. Anyway I have a lot of really great ideas and I'm happy about that, I also can't wait to get working.

As for my drawing; I finally got the other eye done, after erasing it and redoing it several times, I can live with what I have. I worked on the nose some too and that's coming along nicely. I'm going to work more tonight.

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