Thursday, January 15, 2009

Drawing update, talk of past works and inspiration

I actually spent a little bit of time working this morning. I don't really feel well right now and I'm starting to shake, so I'm taking a small break.I did a bit of work in the hair and on the neck. I also have a more permanent sketch of the rest of the face. I think I finally got the proportions right.

I also watched the Berni episode from my Power of Art DVD set. I was reminded of the work that had inspired me in art history and of the other artist I felt inspired by, Caravaggio. The ligth in "Angelic" was inspired by the light in Caravaggio's paintings. I love the dramatic style of the Baroque period. The dramatic lighting and the emotion. I've been kind of experimenting with those ideas in a subdued way. With "Angelic" it was the dramatic ligthing, which also represented a divine communion. The figure nude to represent purity and innocence is bathed in the light from above, the relaxed pose has the figure leaning the head back slighting to gaze up at the source of the light. The arm comes across the body in a shy protective way, hesitant to be fully exposed and vulnerable in the powerful presense of the divine. In "Dramatic Hope" the figure simply has a look of hope, once again gazing into the direction of the light. Perhaps looking to the light and finding hope, or looking for hope in the light source.
With this as of yet, untitled drawing, I'm focusing more on the emotion of the moment, and my connection with it. The expressive faces that look up at something in awe.
With this latest piece I'm still working through the ideas for the background, and whether or not I will include details or leave the background untouched. Right now I'm just focusing on capturing the expressions and the emotions connected with that moment.

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