Saturday, January 31, 2009

Polynesian Slumber (full color in face)

I did some more work in the drawing, aside from feeling a need to blend my highlights a bit better I'm pretty happy with it. The highlights on the eyelids are far too pronounced and need a lot more blending, also I didn't spend enough time in the forehead. The area around the mouth needs a bit more work as well. Aside from that though, I think I've done pretty well for my first real attempt at colored pencil in years. I just thought that I might try to layer in a light layer of tan. I think that might tone down the yellow of the skin tone. That and the other fixes I listed should really make this where I want it to be. Then I just have flesh in her arm and my chest. The dress and chair should be a bit easier. The wicker part of the chair still isn't completely filled in because I really don't have a full reference for that part. I'm trying to decide how much of a liberty I want to take. I may keep the pieces of wicker all in that same diagonal they are on now, or angle the last half in the opposite direction as the small amount of chair in the photo indicates. I work on fixing the highlights tomorrow, I think the lips need a second glance as well. Again maybe some more shadow is needed.

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