Friday, January 23, 2009

New work

I've narrowed down 3 reference photos. The one photo I've been thinking of for a few days, but I really want to do something in color and I want to do a lot of detail (which would be best for me in black and white). I haven't done color in awhile. I found a great reference photo that lends it well to me trying color again. It's pretty simple but I think if I can pull it off the colors will be great. The next drawing I have planed will be back to black and white and was taken moments before the reference photo I'm using for the color drawing, it just includes more. I'll get back to that original photo at some point. The biggest draw back I'm having is that I love the one person's expression and face and that's really about it. Maybe I should just try to get a new reference photo of that person. Maybe if I pick my moment a bit better I won't have so many unfavorable elements.

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