Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Polynesian Slumber" updates

I've made a good bit of progress tonight I think. At least for how I usually work. The photo is a bit skewed and it really doesn't show all of the subtle value. I'm pretty happy with it so far. I think my borders are going to be an odd size. I also decided I couldn't handle the faded, undefined borders. One big basic problem is that I don't always align my composition with the paper correct to fit. That's why sometimes I end up with bigger borders than I intended (here) or I crop the paper to fit the drawing. Anyway, I've started sketching in a bit of the dress, and I realized that it will really be my first attempt at pattern really. Usually I tend to take the easy way out and just lay in value as if it's a solid color. I've been pushing myself with more and more challenges lately and I think my drawings are more fulfilling artistically. When I frame this set of drawings I think I will put them in separate frames, but frames of the same size. I may have to do two different mat sizes but I think that will look fine. I'm thinking it might look better if this one is a bit smaller.

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