Saturday, January 24, 2009

New drawing

I started work on my new drawing. It took me quite a while to get to this point, because I'm determined to figure out flesh tone in colored pencils. This is my second attempt. The first attempt found it's way to the trash. Part of it looked ok but right by the eyebrow was getting way too over worked way too fast. So now I'm trying to just lay in value with a base a brown then come back and add in color over top of it. I think that might work out a lot better for me. I think what I have still needs some work but I'm tired, or else I would keep going. If this works out well, then I'll make it a diptych and do the second drawing I had in mind in color as well. If it doesn't work out I'll continue as previously planned and do the second drawing in graphite. I think the second drawing would look good either way. Though I think the composition of this drawing is highly dependent on the color.

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