Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bravo's doing an art project

Bravo is doing an as of yet untitled art project. I don't think I'm a good fit for it. Considering as how I'm working on rebuilding my portfolio and I just don't think I could leave my family for 5 weeks. Also I'm really nervous around people so I don't think it would work out anyway. Also it is asking for contemporary artists, and I'm more traditional in style. It should be an interesting show to watch though.
For any of the artists that read my blog the details are here on the casting:


andy tetlow said...

thanks jessica, i will have a look.
how are you anyway?
the picture is looking good.
take care

Jessica McKelvin said...

Thank you. I'm doing pretty well, I've had a bunch of inspiration lately. How has the world been treating you?
: )

andy tetlow said...

its been treating me very good thanks.had a few days off work and just relaxed.
i have painted a few pictures recently, so i am good. thanks for asking.
the new drawing is looking fantastic.