Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Painting started and drawing progress

I made a commitment to work at least a little on something each night. Overall I really don't think I got much done, but I do feel accomplished. I think I fixed the finger for the most part. It still needs some tweaks but I'll be able to really figure out what's wrong with it when I get the other finger in. I didn't spend much time on the drawing because I actually started my painting.

I finally got my reference photo printed today. I started putting in the first layer. I'm trying a few new things with this new painting. (Well new from what I used to do in high school.) I'm trying a layering technique. So this layer is more of under painting. I think I'll get a thicker coated painting (won't see canvas). I'll also avoid the muddy colors, because I'll be able to wait for it dry before I add in another layer. I think I tried to do too much in one layer kept getting muddy and over worked. I think if I do a series of rather thin layers (I don't paint thick anyway) it will turn out much better. Also since high school I've seemed to figure out skin tone and so far I've learned to tone down the color. Though I do think that maybe I need another type of brown. Mine is a bit too red, though adding green into the mix evened it out. I also need a smaller brush for detail work. I keep trying to do small detail lines and they get big and smudgy so quick. My pencil sketch for this was just awful but it did give me a general idea of placement. Though the eye on the left is too high up. I need to lower that. Also I do not recommend the Richeson White Melamine Palette if you think your palette will come into contact with water. The surface is not easily cleaned and the laminate is already separating from the center. I'll have to buy a new palette soon but this one will do for now. This is also my first time using Holbein Duo Aqua Oils. So far I love them at least fresh out of the tube, they have a great texture. I'll have to see how they work out tomorrow though when I open up my palette seal.


andy tetlow said...

the likeness is incredible.
cant wait to see them both finished.
you are a very talented artist at the top of her game.
well done, my friend.

Jessica McKelvin said...

Thank you : )

I'm having fun with these. So far the fun to aggravation ratio well balance enough to keep my interest. I also can't wait for them to be finished. Now if only this paint would dry faster.