Friday, July 10, 2009


I just got an email reminder for a competition deadline. The deadline is September 1st. When I first read about the competition I thought that would be plenty of time to do a couple of paintings and be able to pick from them which one to submit. Well now it's 60 days away from that deadline and I have no painting, in fact I'm sketching for two paintings while I wait to have the opportunity to print a reference photo. I'm now worried if I'll even be able to finish one painting before the deadline. So much has been, "oh I'll wait until next year." This competition I wanted to do this year. Also I still have to go through my latest work and start planning on framing it, I have a show coming up in October (hopefully). I also just want to keep expanding my portfolio so that I can I submit my work to more shows and maybe even some galleries. I have a list of places to look at but right now I think the most important thing for me to do is expand my portfolio. I also need to find a balance between drawing and painting. Right now I'm sketching for a painting but I'd also love to use that same reference photo in a drawing, though I really do want to work with it in color in a painting. Hopefully I'll be able to start a painting by the end of next week. I just need ink for the printer and then I can print the reference photo. Until then it's just sketching. I also have a nice concept in mind for a painting but I need to get a flower and take a reference photo for that. Then I'll have three paintings lined up to do. That will keep me busy for awhile and might work on a smaller drawing while I work on those paintings, just work on the drawing at different time of day.


andy tetlow said...

hi jessica,
september sounds a long way but its surprising how time rapidly overtakes
it also difficult not to get bogged down by deadlines.

Jessica McKelvin said...

For those paintings I think my best approach should be to continue on like I was before I remembered the deadline and what I have when the deadline gets here. I especially don't want to rush through that second one.