Friday, July 24, 2009

Some fixes, some progress

The hands may still be a little too big, but I think they are far better than they were. At least to me they look that way. Add some of the shirt in, and I already see one spot on the shoulder I need to fix but over all I think it looks better than I thought it did. I'm making the shirt a little darker in color than it should be but I think the contrast will work well against the skin tone. I had so much trouble with the hands and I get to re-create them in paint. That should be fun, but at least some of the measurements might be a little easier. I might work on the background of the painting tomorrow as well as do some more work on the shirt in the drawing. A few fixes and finishing the shirt and background and I'm done. The upper left side background is finished, though it really doesn't show up well on camera. In real life you can really tell that there is white pencil filled in there at least compared to the paper next to it.


andy tetlow said...

hi jessica
the hands are spot on now, its looking great...brill!!

Jessica McKelvin said...

Thank you : )
I just finished the drawing. I just need to cut and clean the border and add fixative. And of also take a photo (I'll do it tomorrow, better lighting).

andy tetlow said...

look forward to it.