Sunday, July 5, 2009

New sketch

I took some photos and came out with this one reference photo that I'm really excited about. I want to start working more in painting so I've decided to start out with sketching this. I have really painting in awhile. I started a painting a while back but thought it a bit too complicated to tackle so soon. I have decided to start with a self portrait, I'm going to use the reference photo from the last set of sketches. If I felt confident enough with hands I'd start with this reference photo. I think I'll use my self portrait as a bit of a practice (though maybe I should do one without glasses). I may end up doing a pencil drawing of from this reference photo, but I really do want to see it as a painting. I love the color of her hair, the black with the lighter highlights, I think it will look great in a painting. I may work on this as a pencil drawing, or charcoal drawing while I work on my self-portrait painting. Though I'm not sure. I'm always afraid of exhausting a subject too soon. I don't know though I may do a drawing and still be motivated to see it in color. I just want to feel comfortable with everything before I start the painting. I'm fine with experimenting and screwing up my self portrait, this one though I want to get right.


andy tetlow said...

its a super start. how big is it. A4 etc?
its a wonderful style. the contrast in your work is second to none.

Jessica McKelvin said...

It's a rather small sketch in my 9" x 12" sketch book. I'm going to do a more detailed sketch in pencil of the hands on the same page.

andy tetlow said...

look forward to it being finished.:)