Sunday, July 26, 2009

More work on my painting

I'm not really feeling confident with this painting. This is my first painting in forever and I really shouldn't expect to pick up a brush for the first time in years and be able to produce work at the quality I would like to. I'm having such a hard time with the colors and shading. The detail work has gotten a little easier because I got two smaller brushes today. I just love realism, I love the texture that is somehow achieved with skin the realistic colors. I admire artists that use realism but also incorporate a concept that brings something extra. It's not an alternative to a photograph it's an expression of something. I'm trying to accept my non-perfect realism, and just see where it goes. If I can capture the likeness but still have a great look and feel that isn't quite realistic that's great too. Maybe after I paint again for awhile I'll finally be able to figure out how to get the colors right and the blending and shading right.
Really I don't think it's all that horrible, at least not as bad as I think it is sometimes. I'll probably end up with a great painting.

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