Thursday, July 23, 2009

Only drawing today

I still don't have a title for either the drawing or painting. I didn't work on the painting tonight because my knees have been hurting me today. I still need to fix some of the shading in the hands and maybe figure out how to make the one hand look a little smaller. Though both hands might just be a little larger in comparison to the face. I'm just going to work off the proportions for what I have now I'll just keep a better eye on the size when I work on the hands in the painting. I was thinking about the background of the painting today too and I'm not sure what I'm gonna do. I want to at least start the background before I add the hair in. The little strands of hair would work better laid in over the background. It will either be some sort of green value or the fence, leaves and grass. Not quite sure yet. I may experiment with the fence and if it doesn't work out I'll just go over it with the green.

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