Friday, July 3, 2009


I did these two sketches today. Both are pretty quick and obviously incomplete. The first one was done earlier in the day from life. I was struggling a lot with it because it was hard for me to go back into the same pose after looking down. I don't thinking working from life with a mirror is going to work for me, even for a simpler piece. I would like to hop into maybe a more interesting pose anyway, which of course will not work out well in front of a mirror. The second photo is from a reference photo. Again done rather quickly, but still a big improvement over the first one. I had a little trouble with the nose but I think it was working out well. I'm going to take some reference photos tonight, and print some in the next few days. I'll work from a print out rather than computer screen when I start painting. I might do some more sketches but mostly I'm just working on poses and ideas until I get a print out.

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